Studio HIBARI is a production which creates animation contents as our main business.
Although Japanese animation has evolved mainly by producing contents for television, animation is widely spread through movie and image for video game and etc and in recent years, animation has also been used for SNS, smart phone, and webcast.
In addition, HIBARI actively run business with our overseas clients, who demand high-quality Japanese animation. We also provide the individual content to the markets of North America, China, and European Union.
We produce contents in a flexible way for a wide range of markets and media.

Fusion of 3DCG and Animation

In recent years, high quality media contents with 3D-CG and VFX are highly on demand.
Therefore, while utilizing the expertise of hand-drawing animation for TV program, we began to work in digital media as a pioneer of an animation production.
On July 2006, HIBARI launched Larx Entertainment, an affiliated company which focuses on CG-VFX production.
Especially bearing in mind in the fusion of 3D-CG and hand-drawing, we produce image products for clients in a variety of industries.

Oversea Bases

In addition to the studio in Japan, HIBARI develops our business by establishing branch studios in China and Vietnam as oversea bases.
In the local studios, there are drawing, animation, painting, 3D-CG, and background departments, and local staff is working under the guidance of Japanese instructors to produce our works, bearing in mind the balance of quality and quantity.